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Vietnam 2016 : My Birthday Trip

I admit it’s only my 3rd solo backpacking experience and I chose to travel in Hanoi, Vietnam mainly because it’s for my birth month and it’s just 3 hour trip away from my home country which is the Philippines. My first solo backpacking trip was in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines last May 2015 and then followed by Melbourne/Adelaide/Sydney/Canberra Australia last April 2016.
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Champions’ Forum 2015

Champions’ Forum 2015 – 200 top consumer sales performers from Asia Pacific assembled in Melbourne, Australia last April 20-24, 2016.

Champions’ Forum is a ‘Reward & Recognition’ program for Citi’s Asia Pacific Consumer Bank. It was first launched in 2003 to acknowledge the top sales performers and was run across Consumer Finance, Cards and Asset (Loans) product groups. It is a regional program across Asia Pacific.

More than the awesome places I’ve been and the amazing people I’ve met, I am forever grateful for this recognition I received from my employer. If it wasn’t because of the award I wouldn’t be able to travel to Australia, my first ever overseas trip. My take home for this trip is to enjoy and love what you do and to always give your best foot forward.



Australian Rules Football at Melbourne Cricket Ground

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!”


Chocolate Hills: Not Your Ordinary Chocolates!!

The Chocolate Hills are a group of unusually shaped hills located in the middle of the island of Bohol in Philippines. The Chocolate Hills are thought to have been formed as uplifted marine limestone was cracked by tectonic movements and then weathered away by water and wind. More than 1,300 individual hills cover more than 50 square kilometres and range from 30 to 90 metres in height.This extraordinary landscape is unique to this small island.


Mayon Volcano: Philippines’ Most Scenic Airport Landing

Legazpi Airport, located in the province of Albay, is the most scenic airport landing I have been in the Philippines. It’s backdrop is the world’s famous volcano, Mayon Volcano,  renowned as the “perfect cone” because of its almost symmetric-conical shape, the mountain was declared a national park and a protected landscape on July 20, 1938, the first in the country. It was reclassified a Natural Park and renamed Mayon Volcano Natural Park in the year 2000.

How to get to Mayon Volcano:

  1. Find your way to Cubao Provincial bus station near Ali Mall.
  2. Take a bus that will go directly or will pass by Legazpi City, Albay. Bus fare around Php 700 – 900.

Bantayan Island, Cebu: My First Solo Backpacking Adventure

Have you ever traveled alone to a place you haven’t been to? If you did, can you kindly recall what did you feel before your much anticipated trip? Were you afraid of getting lost? Was it uncomfortable? Was it challenging? Did you hesitate or thought of cancelling your trip at the very last minute? Or was it the other way around?

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The Hidden Lake Down South

Remember those days when we were taught about different types of body of waters? Of course, lake is one of the list. Lake is defined as a large body of water surrounded by land. Several lakes can be found in our country and among the lakes which are known in the Philippines are Laguna de Bay,the largest lake, and Taal Lake situated in Luzon and Lake Lanao in Mindanao. Our country has 59 lakes and the origin of most lakes is a result of volcanic and tectonic activity.

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How Super Typhoon ‘Hagupit’ Ruined My First Boracay Trip

Everyone was excited months before our most anticipated trip to the beautiful island of Boracay. Imagine the feeling of a child opening his first ever Christmas gift, that’s how excited we were until frightening news came up weeks before our scheduled trip, a Yolanda-like super typhoon was expected to hit the Philippine shores on those exact travel dates.  Oh c’mon!

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Tete – a – tete with a Wanderlust Lady

It is my great privilege to share with you my conversation with Ms. Deanna Sallao, a 22-year old certified wanderlust young lady, who explores the world out of her comfort zone. She’s the one who helped me find my own niche and inpired me to passionately write about the things that I love most. Learn how she prepares and enjoys her every travel experience.
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