I have always been fascinated with lush green mountains since I spent my entire childhood years in Bukidnon, a landlocked province of the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region.

Bukidnon is the home of Mount Dulang-dulang, the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,938 m located in Kitanglad Mountain Range, Mount Kitanglad (2,899m.), Mount Kalatungan (2,860m.), Mt. Maagnaw (2,742m.), Mt. Lumuluyaw (2,612m.) and Mt. Tuminungan (2,400m.), the 4th, 5th, 8th, 17th and 30th highest mountains in the country, respectively.

Despite being surrounded by giagantic mountains mentioned above, I haven’t been to any of those mountains yet. It was only last year when I first set foot on Mount Maculot,strategically located in the town of Cuenca in Batangas province, in the Philippines.

Apart from being known as one of the most popular daytrip destinations, I sincerely consider Mt. Maculot as the best mountaineering expeditions for beginners like me. A 600-meter (2,000 feet) high volcanic rock wall, and is believed to be part of Taal Volcano’s crater rim.

Here are my 10 reasons why Mount Maculot is best for beginners’ climb:

1. An hour and half travel from Manila. Only 94 Km – Distance from Manila to Mount Maculot. makulot 2. Bird’s eye view of worlds famous Taal Lake. The “Rockies,” located at the northern edge of Mount Maculot, allows you to have 360 degree view of Taal lake and the Volcano Island from a cliff. 861108_10200128324383957_92072139_o 3. Banana cue. Dont forget to have a bite of Philippines most popular snack food before starting your trail adventure. A deep fried saba bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar and skewered on a bamboo stick. 830534_10200095064912491_631518476_o 4. Commune with nature. The best things in life are free. 856352_10200128318383807_644298740_o

843980_10200095081432904_480093957_o 6. Good-natured fellow mountaineers. 841130_10200095087433054_2044331300_o (1) 841149_10200095141194398_1700292150_o 798419_10200095264317476_114352197_o 6. Friendly locals. 823347_10200095073672710_1731388498_o 7. Socials Night. A night to remember. 859910_10200128329064074_1735319224_o 9. Mt. Maculot View Resort. Discover a resort at foot of Mt. Maculot located at Brgy.Pinagkaisahan, Cuenca, Batangas.The resort boast of three swimming pool and jacuzzi for private use and hanging bridge for day and extended stay visitors with splendid view of Mt. Maculot and Grotto. 860641_10200128355264729_248949518_o 819329_10200128358784817_1312357177_o 10. Budget friendly day trip activity. It costs only Php 800 inclusive of food and transportation expenses.