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August 2015

Chocolate Hills: Not Your Ordinary Chocolates!!

The Chocolate Hills are a group of unusually shaped hills located in the middle of the island of Bohol in Philippines. The Chocolate Hills are thought to have been formed as uplifted marine limestone was cracked by tectonic movements and then weathered away by water and wind. More than 1,300 individual hills cover more than 50 square kilometres and range from 30 to 90 metres in height.This extraordinary landscape is unique to this small island.


Mayon Volcano: Philippines’ Most Scenic Airport Landing

Legazpi Airport, located in the province of Albay, is the most scenic airport landing I have been in the Philippines. It’s backdrop is the world’s famous volcano, Mayon Volcano,  renowned as the “perfect cone” because of its almost symmetric-conical shape, the mountain was declared a national park and a protected landscape on July 20, 1938, the first in the country. It was reclassified a Natural Park and renamed Mayon Volcano Natural Park in the year 2000.

How to get to Mayon Volcano:

  1. Find your way to Cubao Provincial bus station near Ali Mall.
  2. Take a bus that will go directly or will pass by Legazpi City, Albay. Bus fare around Php 700 – 900.

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